Basic terms used in this document to make a minimal transaction

Required parameters

messageType - a 4-character numeric value that defines what the request message is attempting to do. Also referred to as MTI.

responseCode - (conditional based on what type of request messageType?)a 2-character numeric value that is input to use for testing. Entering 00 is common and expected for most transactions. PCaaSa will change this value if deemed necessary. VISA may send this with another value and the system will respect the incoming value. 00 is a successful transaction, as is 10 a partial amount transaction. All other codes have a definition.

transactionType - a 2-character numeric value that defines the messages action being made.

referenceNumber - a 12-digit numeric value that identifies the card being used for the transaction. This is not the 16-digit card number.

expirationMonth - a value 01 to 12 of the month of the account being referenced

expirationYear - a 2-digit value that provides the year of expiration of the account being referenced.

amountTransaction - a numeric value in cents of the purchase or load.

token - Unique identifier.

Optional or Conditional Parameters

merchantType - An optional 4-digit value that describes the merchant's business. It may be generalized or specific for a company. Defaults to 0000.

authorizationIndentificationResponse - a conditional parameter used to identify a previous transaction that is actionable. An auto-generated code and given in the responses. The parameter should be added and set to the auto-generated value from the response. Review the "Authorized Transaction" page for how to use.

partialAuthorizationIndicator - an optional parameter that advises that (whether or not)the acquirer supports a partial payment. Blank or Y. Transaction

fallbackIndicator- The fallback indicator is there to let you know that there was a chip on the card, but it "fell back" to using the magstripe instead for one reason or another. blank or 0 = Not Fallback or 1 = Fallback.

systemTraceAuditNumber - This assignable 6-digit number is used to identify the transaction. This number will not change (remain the same) through(out) the complete transaction process. STAN for short. If not given(provided), it will be auto generated. This parameter is not recommended to use. Development only.