Getting Started with Transactions

This page will help you get started with Client Transaction Simulator.

PCaaSa transaction simulator provides a way to execute transactions in our system for their business needs. The transactions are executed exactly as a potential transaction is received. There are many parameters to send, however, we can run basic transactions without them. The basic transactions can authorize an amount, post a monetary transaction, and reverse a posted transaction. We can see that these transactions can be as real world as possible.

When authorizing, posting, or reversing a transaction, the accounts monetary values are changed. The available balance is the current balance minus the authorized amount. When authorizing, the available balance is changed and will take away the amount that could be used. A posted transaction means that money has been exchanged and taken away from the balance and is no longer there. It also makes the available balance equal to the adjusted current balance. A reversal happens the money is given back to the account and adjusts the available amount and current balance. These transactions can be sent singularly or in a sequence, such as a simple transaction post without authorization or a reversal of a transaction just made.

Identifiers are used to "link" the transactions together. When an authorization happens, the response contains the authorizationIdentificationResponse, AIR for short. It is a 6-character alpha-numeric string. In a subsequent transaction, this value can be used in the request to search for and complete the authorization or reverse the posted transaction.